HB Group – we are building a bridge of friendship and mutual understanding between Russia and China!

Russian-Chinese company «HB Group»

International company «HB Group» was founded In 1994. For more than 20 years the period of its activity, the company has established itself as a serious business partner in different areas of the economy. This allowed the company to develop extensive trade and economic relations, both the Chinese and the Russian market, and to take them on their strong position. The main areas of activity are: torgovaya export — import activities, building, investment and production activities.


The assets of the holding company — many years of experience in organizing large-scale production and wholesale supply of food, soft toys, a large range of consumer and industrial applications, the entire spectrum of tools brand «Calibre» trucks «JAC», forklifts «Heli», spare parts, etc. the company also has extensive experience in the implementation of products supplied to large retail chains and supply to large enterprises of various industries. It is worth noting also the company’s success in the field of logistics and warehousing services.


«HB Group», thanks to close ties with the Chinese manufacturers, provides consulting services, assisting in finding partners to Russian companies from China on joint cooperation in the business. Factory assembled and launched a line for the production of universal insulation materials for various purposes. (Thermal insulation, sound insulation, protection from moisture and vapor).


Also holding company has experience in the development and construction of large areas, is currently working with major Chinese investors are projected shopping and business centers. In recent years, it designed and built Business Park «Lenin» with modern warehousing and industrial infrastructure. The second investment project of HB Group a cottage village near Moscow, garden, currently under design and development of the site. The company «HB Group» is a participant of annual exhibitions (fairgrounds).

Cottage Village «near Moscow Garden»

The object has an area of ​​7.8 GA. Zhilye structure and general purpose buildings are designed so that they fit into the landscape area with the conservation area there derevev. Na houses, spa center, fitness club with swimming pool and tennis kortami. V two main villas will be located Russian-Chinese business center with offices, conference and meeting room.
The village is going to be comfortable and stylish with a special atmosphere of friendship and mutual understanding.

Located 30 km from Moscow to New Riga in the west.

The village is located in the forest area surrounded by old-growth forest. Chisty air, the beautiful landscape from the window, pristine silence all this can be found in our village.

Innovative business park «Leninsky»

Put into operation in 2013

Innovative business park «Lenin» - built and put into operation in December 2013. It is a modern complex, built with the trends in the office and warehouse building.


The complex features a prime location for transport routes and major population punktam. Ryadom pass the following highways: Kashirskoye - 750 meters, the M-4 Don - 5.5 km, highway M-2 «Crimea» - 14 km.

The distance from the object to the main motorways and surrounding major towns:

Moscow 7.5km
Vidnoe 3.3km
Domodedovo 10.5km
Khashirskoe highway 750m
Route M4 «Don» 5.5km
Route M2 «Crimea» 14km

Currently under construction road «Solntsevo, Butovo-Prominent», which will connect the districts of New Moscow to Kashira Highway. The new highway will further improve transport access to the object.


The first stage

This is a plot size of 2.7 hectares with already constructed objects of the warehouse and office and warehouse purposes. V currently first stage of area leased to Russian and foreign companies.

0 sq.m.
total area

The second phase

Under development

This plot of land measuring 10 hectares currently under way. In the design work is approved documentation.

On the site of the second stage will be located:

  • 4 — warehouse
  • 1 — office-shopping center
  • 1 — hotel complex
0 sq.m.
total area

To finance the project, investors are invited.
Interested persons and companies can be contacted by phone specified in contacts site.The presentation can be downloaded here!


For rent warehouse and offered ofisnoskladskie pomescheniya.Kompleks provided with all necessary kommunikatsiyami. Na site parking is available for personal and cargo transporta. Vedetsya hour security.

It provides services for unloading and unloading.


To ensure heat the buildings of the 1st stage in the Business Park operates a gas boiler. During the construction of the buildings of the 2nd turn neobhodimarekonstruktsiya existing boiler plant to increase its capacity.


For the power supply of buildings of the 1st stage in the Business Park operates a transformer substation (400 kWt). During the construction of the buildings of the 2nd turn is necessary to reconstruct the existing transformer substation (400 kWt) to increase its power.


On the land the 2nd stage of planned treatment facilities rainwater and household wastewater. Power treatment facilities will be sufficient to receive and wastewater from consumers of the 1st and 2nd phase of the project.


On the land the 2nd stage is planned to construct water intake station. The power station will be sufficient to supply water to consumers of the 1st and 2nd phase of the project.



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